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Plastic push pin with compression springs

Product Series -
-Plastic push pins with compression springs

Features & Benefits -
-Highest thermal interface material preload.
-Easy removal and installation.
-Various types for adoption.

Target Market - Server, Industrial Based Computers, Telecommunications, Medical, Instrument

Plastic push pin with compression springs

NO Part NumberPush Pin (mm)Spring (mm)Max. Spring_Deflection (mm)Load (kgf/mm)PCB Hole (Φmm)Heat Sink Hole (Φmm) DATA SHEET
11-1700010925Hex6.24 x 13.60OD4.45 x 8.505.70.0963.13.3Data Sheet
21-1700020925Φ6.40 x 16.80OD4.60 x Sheet
31-1700030925Φ5.50 x 16.20OD4.60 x 10.607.10.2263.13.3Data Sheet
41-1700040925Hex6.24 x 17.60OD4.40 x 11.808.20.0663.13.3Data Sheet
51-1700050925Φ5.50 x 18.30OD4.60 x Sheet
61-1700060925Hex5.77 x 22.10OD4.60 x 17.0011.50.1133.13.3Data Sheet
7856-FE25003-20100Φ6.20 x 12.50OD4.3 x 8.705.70.3793.03.2Data Sheet
8856-TMAPP001Φ5.50 x 18.30OD4.5 x Sheet
9856-TMAPP002Φ6.20 x 13.70OD3.6 x Sheet
There's no data.