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SANMOTION R Advanced Model (Cylinder Linear Servo Motors)

Lineup -
Driver -
● 40A Capacity
● Power Supply 48/5 VDC (main/control)
● Power Supply 48/24 VDC (main/control)
● Pulse, EtherCAT Type Models
● 1, 4 Axis

Motor -
● Flange Size 12, 20mm sq.
● Incremental Encoder
● Encoder Resolution 1μm
● Rated Thrust 3.0, 5.1, 15 N
● Max. Thrust 8.5, 16.5, 50 N

Features & Benefits -
● This linear servo motor provides high thrust with a compact size, and is ideal for chip mounter heads.
● A new model with a shorter motor length for further downsizing has been added to the 12 mm width lineup. (Model no.: DE0AC0A1A03CX00)
● High-frequency operation with high acceleration/deceleration can speed up your applications.
● The built-in linear encoder and linear guide simplify system designs.
● Multiple axes can be placed side-by-side, contributing to downsizing of multi-axis heads.

Safety Certification -

Chip Mounters, Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment, Inspection Equipment, Assembly Equipment, Lens Mounters, and in the Z-axis of Flexible Printed Circuit Board (FPC) Bonders