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SANMOTION PB (Stepping Systems, Closed Loop)

Closed Loop Stepping Systems Combine the Advantages of Two Types of Motors; They are Easier to Use than Servo Systems, and More Reliable than Stepping Systems.
Their Unique Control Method Eliminates the Step-out of Stepping Motors.
Also, They have no Vibration when Stopped, and Short Stroke Positioning Time is Shortened Considerably. Simple to Operate, They Contribute Significantly to System Construction Cost Saving.

Lineup -
Driver -
● Type R RS-485+Parallel I/O (100 to 115 VAC or 200 to 230 VAC)
● Type P Pulse Train Input (100 to 115 VAC or 200 to 230 VAC)
● Type M Multi-input (RS-485+Parallel I/O,Pulse train input selectable) (24/48VDC)
● Type P Multi-axis (Pulsetrain input) (24/48VDC)
● Type E Multi-axis EtherCAT integrated (24/48VDC)

Motor -
Flange Size 28, 42, 60, 86mm sq.
● Optical Incremental 16000, 2000 P/R
● Battery-less Optical Absolute 17bit (Single-turn), 16bit (Multi-turn)
● Max. Stall Torque 0.055~6.1N.m (standard model)
● Geared type:
▻ Harmonic (1:30, 50, 100)
▻ Low-backlash Gear Model (1: 3.6, 7.2, 10, 20, 30)
▻ Electromagnetic Brake Model

Features & Benefits -
● No Step-out and Zero Micro-vibration when Stopped
● Positioning Time is Shortened by High Torque in the Low Speed Rotation Area
● Optimized Electric Current Supply Reduces Motor Heating and Decreases Vibrations
● Easy Operation and Safe Protective Functions
● High-speed EtherCAT FieldBus Interface
● Energy Saving

Safety Certification -

Target Market -
Semiconductor, PCB, Biotechnology & Medical, Automation, Machine Tool, Textile Machinery, Sewing Equipment, Food Industry