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Customized Compact Solution - Graphite Heat Spreader

- just FIT your expectation -
All of REGO heat spreaders are made of graphite from GrafTech, eGRAF® SPREADERSHIELD™ SS500 that provides great flexibility in satisfying not only various heat issues with space concern, but also protecting temperature-sensitive components from thermal gradient or surface hot spot.
We will help for realizing your ideas or thoughts, from the thinnest, lightest to portable higher power devices.

Graphite is a new material widely used for thermal conductivity and heat dissipation purposes due to:
- Unique grain orientation uniforming heat conduction along the two directions
- Available adaption to any surface
- Shielding between the heat source and the components
- Heat spread as thermal isolation effect

Characteristic & Advantages

- Ultra slim as 0.076mm thickness
- Conductivity in Planarity: 500 W/mK
- Better heat spreads than 400% to copper and 700% to aluminum
- 80% lighter than Copper and 30% than Aluminum
- Weight Saving compared to metal alternatives
- Eliminates hot spots and protects temperature-sensitive components
- Anisotropic ratio up to 300:1

Application & Possibilities

- Wearable / Portable devices
- Flat Panel Displays
- Smartphones
- Tablets and Ultrabooks
- STB and enclosed electronics
- xEV, Marine, and Grid Storage batteries
- Automotive and Transportation Electronics
- Communication/ Medical Equipments

In case of any tough conditions, such as compact device/ space limit/ low Touch Temperature , but still with protection by cooling components, the graphite heat spreader is exactly the one you need for future designs.