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Micro SD 7.1 (microSD Express) Connector

Except for PCIe & NVMe, microSD Express has been also adopted by Bus mastering (First-Party Direct Memory Access), Multi Queue and Host Memory Buffer that could bring higher efficiency for data accessing.

Furthermore, there would be generally additional resources highly asked as buffer storage for high-speed access Architecture, so SRAM embedded cost higher than DRAM in Main memory. Therefore, SD Express with HMB built-in could resolve this issue to get a great balance between performance & cost. Besides, it's also available made as the extended main memory sharing load.

- Features & Benefits -
- Support PCIe 3.0
- Support 8 GT/s
- Compatible with Micro SD 4.0
- Current rating 0.5A
- Voltage rating 100V
- Operating Temp -25℃~ +85℃

Target Market
- Industrial PC, IoT, Digital Video Recorder, Surveillance, Handheld gaming console.

Micro SD 7.1 (microSD Express) Connector

NO Part NumberMount AngleStand Off (mm)Ejection MechanismH x W x L (mm) DATA SHEET
19177MSD7-F00001Right Angle0Push-Push2.52 x 15.5 x 15.0Data Sheet
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