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SMD Standoff with M2 threaded

Product Series
Standoff, with M2 threaded

Features & Benefits
• Wide ranged series include various heights, upto 10.90mm maximum and multi length available from 3.50 to 10.90mm
• Well-designed for easy assembly in surface mounting process and space creation to better assist in heat dissipation and layout consideration.
• C3604 material, Tin plated
• Tape & Reel or Bag packaging.

Target Market
Industrial PC, Embedded Board, Server, IOT Gateway, Gaming, Medical, Security…etc.

SMD Standoff with M2 threaded

NO Part NumberTypeSolderingThreadHeight-between two PCB(mm) Dimension(ØxL)mmPackaging DATA SHEET
1SO-M20H05D400Standoff NutSMTM20.5 Ø4.00 x 3.50Tape & ReelData Sheet
2SO-M20H10D360Standoff NutSMTM21.0 Ø3.60 x 2.00Tape & ReelData Sheet
3S001-00001-B01Standoff NutSMTM21.0 Ø4.35 x 2.40BagData Sheet
4SO-M20H15D400KStandoff NutSMTM21.5 Ø4.00 x 2.20Tape & ReelData Sheet
5SO-M20H15D400Standoff NutSMTM21.5 Ø4.00 x 2.70Tape & ReelData Sheet
6SO-M20H20D400Standoff NutSMTM22.0 Ø4.00 x 2.90Tape & ReelData Sheet
7SO-M20H25D435Standoff NutSMTM22.5 Ø4.35 x 3.90BagData Sheet
8SO-M20H25D400Standoff NutSMTM22.5 Ø4.00 x 2.95Tape & ReelData Sheet
9SO-M20H30D400Standoff NutSMTM23.0 Ø4.00 x 3.00Tape & ReelData Sheet
10SO-M20H35D400Standoff NutSMTM23.5 Ø4.00 x 3.50Tape & ReelData Sheet
11SO-M20H45D400Standoff NutSMTM24.5 Ø4.00 x 4.50Tape & ReelData Sheet
12SO-M20H45D435Standoff NutSMTM24.5 Ø4.35 x 5.90Tape & ReelData Sheet
13SO-M20H50D400Standoff NutSMTM25.0 Ø4.00 x 5.00Tape & ReelData Sheet
14SO-M20H55D400Standoff NutSMTM25.5 Ø4.00 x 6.40Tape & ReelData Sheet
15SO-M20H60D400Standoff NutSMTM26.0 Ø4.00 x 7.50Tape & ReelData Sheet
16SO-M20H70D450Standoff NutSMTM27.0 Ø4.50 x 10.00Tape & ReelData Sheet
17SO-M20H75D350Standoff NutSMTM27.5 Ø3.50 x 7.50Tape & ReelData Sheet
18SO-M20H85D400Standoff NutSMTM28.5 Ø4.00 x 9.50Tape & ReelData Sheet
19SO-M20H85D435Standoff NutSMTM28.5 Ø4.35 x 9.90Tape & ReelData Sheet
20SO-M20H95D400Standoff NutSMTM29.5 Ø4.00 x 10.40Tape & ReelData Sheet
21SO-M20H100D400Standoff NutSMTM210.0 Ø4.00 x 10.90Tape & ReelData Sheet
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