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SO-DIMM DDR4 Connector

Product Series -
SO DDR4 260 positions PCB mount connectors

Features & Benefits -
A full range of products include right angle top mount and right angle reverse mount types
Right angle types include various heights at 4.0, 8.0, 5.2 & 9.2mm
High quality, high reliability.

Target Market - Automation Computer, Point of Sale, Medical Equipment, Communication, Vehicle Computer, Telecommunication.

SO-DIMM DDR4 Connector

NO Part NumberDescriptionMount AngleHeight (mm) DATA SHEET
1906DDR4-320A09SO-DIMM DDR4 ConnectorRight Angle & Standard4.0Data Sheet
2906DDR4-320A10SO-DIMM DDR4 ConnectorRight Angle & Reverse4.0Data Sheet
3906DDR4-320A11SO-DIMM DDR4 ConnectorRight Angle & Standard5.2Data Sheet
4906DDR4-320A12SO-DIMM DDR4 ConnectorRight Angle & Reverse5.2Data Sheet
5906DDR4-320A13SO-DIMM DDR4 ConnectorRight Angle & Standard8.0Data Sheet
6906DDR4-320A14SO-DIMM DDR4 ConnectorRight Angle & Reverse8.0Data Sheet
7906DDR4-320A15SO-DIMM DDR4 ConnectorRight Angle & Standard9.2Data Sheet
8906DDR4-320A16SO-DIMM DDR4 ConnectorRight Angle & Reverse9.2Data Sheet
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