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M.2 (NGFF) Connector

Product Series -
M.2 (NGFF) PCB Mount connectors and stand-off mechanical parts

Features & Benefits -
Available for right angle-top mount type with various heights and various key position such as A, B , E, M
High quality, high reliability

Target Market -
Automation Computer, Point of Sale, Medical Equipment, Communication, Vehicle Computer, Telecommunication

Standoff set for M.2 Card Module (Adjustable)

Still being bothered by figuring out how to make more practical designs or optimization for cost-saving? Our "adjustable" Standoff Set shall be the best answer for you. There would be more possibilities and flexibilities brought by its "Multi-design Modes", that allow:
[Mode A]- Free of change to PCB layout
Hexagonal studs for seamless fitting the same PCB with connectors in different heights.

[Mode B]- Space-saving for two heights supported
Stackable for 2 different heights of M.2 connectors to fit M.2 cards by length

[Normal Mode]- Preset Standoff in different locations in PCB layout to fit M.2 card by length

M.2 (NGFF) Connector

NO Part NumberHeight (mm)Specification DATA SHEET
1SO-M40H15D900-A161.60 (PCB thickness)M4 standoff Data Sheet
2SO-M40H15D900-A181.80 (PCB thickness)M4 StandoffData Sheet
3SO-M40H15D900-A202.0 (PCB thickness)M4 StandoffData Sheet
4HS-M20H14E5003.2 (for M.2)Hexagonal Studs
Length 1.45mm
Data Sheet
5HS-M20H24E5004.2 (for M.2)Hexagonal Studs
Length 2.45mm
Data Sheet
6HS-M20H49E5006.7 (for M.2)Hexagonal Studs
Length 4.95mm
Data Sheet
7HS-M20H66E5008.5 (for M.2)Hexagonal Studs
Length 6.60mm
Data Sheet
8906M2-042A02.15Connector A KeyData Sheet
9906M2-042B02.15Connector B KeyData Sheet
10906M2-042E02.15Connector E KeyData Sheet
11906M2-042M02.15Connector M KeyData Sheet
128038402-67G00A7T8.5Connector A KeyData Sheet
13906M2-045A05.8M.2 Connector A KeyData Sheet
14906M2-045B05.8(M.2 Connector B Key Data Sheet
15906M2-045E05.8M.2 Connector E keyData Sheet
16906M2-045M05.8M.2 Connector M KeyData Sheet
17906M2-NUT0x0.55/ 4.25NUT04/ 05 for M.2 H2.1/ 5.8mm Data Sheet
188038402-67G00A3T3.2Connector A KeyData Sheet
198038402-67G00B3T3.2Connector B KeyData Sheet
208038402-67G00E3T3.2Connector E KeyData Sheet
218038402-67G00M3T3.2Connector M KeyData Sheet
228038402-67G00A5T4.2Connector A KeyData Sheet
238038402-67G00B5T4.2Connector B KeyData Sheet
248038402-67G00E5T4.2Connector E KeyData Sheet
258038402-67G00M5T4.2Connector M KeyData Sheet
268038402-67G00B7T8.5Connector B KeyData Sheet
278038402-67G00E7T8.5Connector E KeyData Sheet
288038402-67G00M7T8.5Connector M KeyData Sheet
29S001-00001-A32-R3.2Stand OffData Sheet
30S001-00001-A42-R4.2Stand OffData Sheet
31S001-00001-A67-R6.7Stand OffData Sheet
32S001-00001-A85-R8.5Stand OffData Sheet
33S001-00003ScrewData Sheet
There's no data.