SANMOTION G Servo System - Combines Powerful Performance and User-Friendliness!

SANYO DENKI has developed and released a brand new servo system, SANMOTION G, which features industry-leading servo performance in a compact, lightweight, energy-efficient design. It is ideal for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, machine tools, food manufacturing equipment, and medical equipment.

[Powerful Performance]
● 23-bit High-resolution Battery-less Encoder (max. 27-bit)
● IP 67 Protection
● EtherCAT High-speed Open Field Network
● Frequency Response up to 3.5kHz
● Max. Speed 6500 min-1
● Short Positioning Settling Time
● Auto Tuning Function
● Severe Environments Usable

[Eco- and User-Friendly]
● Compact, Lightweight, and Energy-saving
● High Reliability and Maintainability
● Easier Wiring with Integrated Power and Brake Connection

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