More than Best Fit for INTEL Alder Lake-S LGA1700 CPU cooling from REGO

Up-to-date 12th-generation of Intel Core processor has been formally launched. Considering its high performance-hybrid design, it's pleased to introduce you, "RGD-3xxx" series, the latest cooling solution of REGO, aggressively made to satisfy such tremendous innovations that is ready for your new design developments in the coming future.

Considerate Series (RGD-3xxx) as:
- TDP (35W ~ 125W)
- Application (1U/ 1.5U/ 2U/ 3U)
- Rth (0.32/ 0.23/ 0.20/ 0.10 ℃/W)
- Weight (234g ~ 592g)

- AI Edge Computing
- Server Based IPC
- Gaming mini PC
- Industrial Box PC
- Embedded Boards
- Medical AIO PC
More details are available at reaching our sales team or local partner around you directly.