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Micro Coaxial Connectors

Product Series -
Micro Coax PCB Receptacle, Cable plug, Cable Assembly and Board to Board Connectors

Features & Benefits -
A full range of Micro Coax connectors, compatible with HRS U.FL, IPEX MHF, HRS W.FL, IPEX MHF III and MURATA GSC
High performance, high quality

Target Market -
Wireless Local Area Networking, Wireless Infrastructure, Industrial Handheld / Portable Device

Micro Coaxial Connectors

NO Part NumberFeaturesMated Height (mm)Cross ReferenceMated With Part(s) DATA SHEET
180101-90100Micro Coax PCB Receptacle2.5HRS U.FL / IPEX MHF Cable Plugs : 80104-178T& 80104-137I & 80104-130I & 80104-113I & 80104-081TContact us
280101-90100Micro Coax PCB Receptacle2.0HRS U.FL / IPEX MHF Cable Plugs : 80104-280Contact us
380101-92100Micro Coax PCB Receptacle2.0MURATA GSC Cable Plugs : 80104-380Contact us
480104-90000Micro Coax PCB Receptacle3.0HRS H.FL Cable Plugs : 80104-137T & 80104-148TContact us
580102-90000NMicro Coax PCB Receptacle1.55HRS W.FL / IPEX MHF III Cable Plugs : 80104-081Contact us
680102-92000Micro Coax Board To Board Receptacle-MURATA MM4829-270280102-25000Contact us
780102-25000Micro Coax Board To Board Plug--80102-92000Contact us
880106-113SASAH0100IMicro Coax Plug to SMA Jack Cable Assy.--80101-90100Contact us
980106-113113AH0040IMicro Coax Plug to Plug Cable Assy.--80101-90100Contact us
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