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RJ45 Jacks

Product Series -
1x1 to 1x8 ports & 2x1 to 2x8 ports with various outline dimensions

Features & Benefits -
A full range of products, high quality, high reliability, customization available, long term supply

Target Market -
Network Appliance, Industrial Ethernet, Industrial Computing, Industrial Handheld Device, Networking, Telecommunication

RJ45 Jacks

NO Part NumberPortsFeaturesLatchPositionsH x W x L (mm)Shield Ground TabsLED DATA SHEET
198460-1488S0LFG1 X 1Midplane / SMDDown8P8C11.45 x 14.8 x 14.7w/o tabsNoneContact us
297000-14108ALFG1 X 1SMDDown10P8C11.6 x 15 x 16.89w/o shieldNoneContact us
396880-1588SDLFG1 X 1-Down8P8C13.2 x 15.8 x 18.6w/o tabsNoneContact us
496480-248800AF1 X 1-Down8P8C13.8 x 16 x 21.3w/o tabsNoneContact us
597050-14108130E1 X 1-Down10P8C12.25 x 15.7 x 18.83 sidesNoneContact us
697430-14108SE1 X 1-Down10P8C12.25 x 15.7 x 18.8w/o tabsNoneContact us
797410-1488130DLFG1 X 1-Down8P8C13.6 x 15.9 x 21.23 sidesNoneContact us
897580-1488BLFG1 X 1Low ProfileUp8P8C10.9 x 15.5 x 14.5w/o shieldNoneContact us
997980-1488S1LFG1 X 1MidplaneUp8P8C11.06 x 16.18 x 15.2top sideNoneContact us
1098220-1488S0LFG1 X 1MidplaneUp8P8C11.06 x 16.18 x 15.2w/o tabNoneContact us
1197560-1488S3ALFG1 X 1SMDUp8P8C13.55 x 16.5 x 15.753 sidesNoneContact us
1297560-1488S3JLFG1 X 1SMDUp8P8C13.55 x 16.5 x 15.753 sidesNoneContact us
1396400-1488LFG1 X 1Top EntryUp8P8C13.6 x 15.2 x 20.4w/o shieldNoneContact us
1496460-1488SBLFG1 X 1Top EntryUp8P8C16.5 x 16.15 x 16.7w/o tabsNoneContact us
1597140-1488S0OIM1 X 1-Up8P8C13.55 x 16.5 x 15.75w/o tabsNoneContact us
1697140-1488S1OIM1 X 1-Up8P8C13.55 x 16.5 x 15.75top tabNoneContact us
1797140-1488S3OIM1 X 1-Up8P8C13.55 x 16.5 x 15.753 sidesNoneContact us
1896120-1488SAC1 X 1-Up8P8C14.8 x 15.9 x 13.55w/o tabsNoneContact us
1996480-2248800A1 X 2-Down8P8C13.8 x 31.0 x 21.3w/o tabsNoneContact us
2096200-1482S0L11 X 2RJ45+RJ11Up8P8C+6P2C11.3 x 27.13 x 15.2w/o tabsNoneContact us
2197140-21488LFGS01 X 2-Up8P8C13.3 x 32.26 x 15.75w/o tabsNoneContact us
2297140-21488LFGS31 X 2-Up8P8C13.3 x 32.26 x 15.753 sidesNoneContact us
2396480-4248800AB1 X 4-Down8P8C13.8 x 59.1 x 21.35w/o tabsNoneContact us
2496580-4248800ALFG1 X 4-Down8P8C13.8 x 59.1 x 21.35w/o tabsNoneContact us
2597140-41488S0LFGIM1 X 4-Up8P8C13.3 x 63.76 x 12.57w/o tabsNoneContact us
2697740-41488LFG1 X 4 Top EntryDown8P8C15.57 x 62.99 x 12.57w/o shieldNoneContact us
2796480-5248802A1 X 5-Down8P8C13.8 x 73.08 x 21.35w/o tabsNoneContact us
2896480-6248800A1 X 6-Down8P8C13.8 x 87.25 x 21.35w/o tabsNoneContact us
2996480-8248800A1 X 8-Down8P8C13.8 x 114.8 x 21.35w/o tabsNoneContact us
3097660-1488S32 X 1 -Up+Down8P8C25.4 x 16.51 x 28.153 sidesNoneContact us
3197310-21488AAD2 X 1-Up+Down8P8C25.3 x 17.25 x 28.62 sidesNoneContact us
3297310-41488AAE2 X 2-Up+Down8P8C25.3 x 31.5 x 28.64 sidesNoneContact us
3397310-61488AAG2 X 3-Up+Down8P8C25.3 x 45.25 x 28.64 sidesNoneContact us
3497310-81488AAE2 X 4-Up+Down8P8C25.3 x 59.25 x 28.64 sidesNoneContact us
3597080-81488SB2 X 4 Top EntryUp+Down8P8C16.7 x 57.2 x 27w/o tabsNoneContact us
3697310-121488AAH2 X 6-Up+Down8P8C25.3 x 87.25 x 28.64 sidesNoneContact us
3797310-161488AAM2 X 8-Up+Down8P8C25.3 x 115.25 x 28.64 sidesNoneContact us
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