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SATA 22P Connectors

Product Series -
SATA 22 positions plugs and sockets

Features & Benefits -
A full range of products include right angle, top mount, midplane mount, reverse mount and vertical
PTH and SMD are optional available
High quality, high reliability, Customization available

Target Market -
Server, Data Storage, Server Grade IPC, Network Appliance, Telecommunication

SATA 22P Connectors

NO Part NumberFeaturesPin Type DATA SHEET
1861SAT-F22RD3017Right Angle / Standard Type / 3.5mm HeightPTHData Sheet
2861SAT-F22RD30S2Right Angle / Standard Type / 4.3mm HeightPTHData Sheet
3861SAT-F22RD30S6Right Angle / Standard Type / 6.7mm HeightPTHData Sheet
4861SAT-F22RS30S2Right Angle / Standard Type / 4.3MM HeightSMTData Sheet
5861SAT-F22RS30S3Right Angle / Standard Type / 5.0MM HeightSMTData Sheet
6861SAT-F22RS30S6Right Angle / Standard Type / 6.7MM HeightSMTData Sheet
7861SAT-F22RS10M6Right Angle / Standard Type / 6.7mm HeightSMTData Sheet
8861SAT-F22RS30S8Right Angle / Standard Type / 7.5MM HeightSMTData Sheet
9861SAT-F22RS10GARight Angle / Standard Type / 15.15 HeightSMTData Sheet
10861SAT-F22RD30R2Right Angle / Reverse Type / 4.3mm HeightPTHData Sheet
11861SAT-F22RD30R3Right Angle / Reverse Type / 5.0mm HeightPTHData Sheet
12861SAT-F22RD30RARight Angle / Reverse Type / 6.15mm HeightPTHData Sheet
13861SAT-F22RD30R6Right Angle / Reverse Type / 6.7mm HeightPTHData Sheet
14861SAT-F22RS30R1Right Angle / Reverse Type / 3.55MM HeightSMTData Sheet
15861SAT-F22RS30R2Right Angle / Reverse Type / 4.3MM HeightSMTData Sheet
16861SAT-F22RS30R3Right Angle / Reverse Type / 5.0MM HeightSMTData Sheet
17861SAT-F22RS10R3Right Angle / Reverse Type / 5.0MM HeightSMTData Sheet
18861SAT-F22RS30R4Right Angle / Reverse Type / 5.25MM HeightSMTData Sheet
19861SAT-F22RS30R5Right Angle / Reverse Type / 5.55MM HeightSMTData Sheet
20861SAT-F22RS30R6Right Angle / Reverse Type / 6.7MM HeightSMTData Sheet
21861SAT-F22RS30R7Right Angle / Reverse Type / 7.05MM HeightSMTData Sheet
22861SAT-F221D30P6Right Angle / Standard-Mid Plane / 3.0mm HeightPTHData Sheet
23861SAT-F221S30O6Right Angle / Standard-Mid Plane / 4.0MM HeightSMTData Sheet
24861SAT- F22VD301AVertical / 9.85mm HeightPTHData Sheet
25861SAT-F22VD300DVertical / 9.85mm HeightPTHData Sheet
26861SAT-F22VD3011Vertical / 9.85mm HeightPTHData Sheet
27861SAT-F22VD300HVertical / 10.7mm HeightPTHData Sheet
28861SAT-F22VD3008Vertical / 10.7mm HeightPTHData Sheet
29861SAT-F22VD3026Vertical / 10.7mm HeightPTHData Sheet
30861SAT-F22VS3002Vertical / 10.7mm HeightSMTData Sheet
31861SAT-F22VD3007Vertical / 15.85mm HeightPTHData Sheet
32861SAT-F22VS3014Vertical / 9.85mm HeightSMTData Sheet
33861SAT-F22VS3013Vertical / 10.7mm HeightSMTData Sheet
34861SAT-F22VS3016Vertical / 10.7mm HeightSMTData Sheet
35861SAT-F22VS3018Vertical / 10.7mm HeightSMTData Sheet
36861SAT-F22SS3003Straddle / PCB thickness 1.0mm / 9.55mm HeightSMTData Sheet
37861SAT-F22SS3004Straddle / PCB thickness 1.6mm / 9.55mm HeightSMTData Sheet
38861SAT-F22SS3024Straddle / PCB thickness 1.0mm / 9.85mm HeightSMTData Sheet
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