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Future Bus Backplane Connectors

Product Series -
Future Bus 2mm backplane connectors and cable assemblies

Features & Benefits -
A full series of Future Bus 2mm backplane connectors with data, power or coax contacts and various number of positions available
Round cable assemblies are also available

Target Market -
Telecommunication, Data Communication, Industrial Computing

Future Bus Backplane Connectors

NO Porduct FamilyRowColumeGenderNumber of ContactsFeature DATA SHEET
1FSB40448Receptacle (R/A) + Header (Vertical)24/48/72/96/120/144/168/192Backplane Connector (Data)Contact us
2FSB41448Header (R/A) + Receptacle (Vertical)24/48/72/96/120/144/168/192Backplane Connector (Data)Contact us
3FSB42448Receptacle (Vertical) Low Profile24/48/72/96/120/144/168/192Backplane Connector (Data)Contact us
4FSB50578Receptacle (R/A) + Header (Vertical)30/60/90/120/150/180/210/240/270/300/330/360/390Backplane Connector (Data)Contact us
5FSB51548Header (R/A) + Receptacle (Vertical)30/60/90/120/150/180/210/240Backplane Connector (Data)Contact us
6FPB4042Receptacle (R/A) + Header (Vertical)8 ( 3A/PIN )Backplane Connector (Power)Contact us
7FPB4111Receptacle (R/A) + Header (Vertical)1 (2.75A/PIN )Backplane Connector (Power)Contact us
8FPB5052Receptacle (R/A) + Header (Vertical)10 ( 3A/PIN )Backplane Connector (Power)Contact us
9FSC4046Receptacle24Round Cable Connector (Data) Contact us
10FSC5056Receptacle30Round Cable Connector (Data) Contact us
11FPC4011Receptacle1Round Cable Connector (Coax) Contact us
There's no data.