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Female Headers

Product Series -
Pitch 0.8mm x1.2mm to 2.54mm SMD & PTH Female Headers

Features & Benefits -
Normal height, elevated height and low profile available
Top entry, bottom entry & side entry available

Target Market -
Medical Device and Equipment, Vehicle Computer, Telecommunication, Automation Computer

Female Headers

NO Part NumberTypePitch (mm)RowMount AnglePin TypeHeight Number of Positions DATA SHEET
1819660-92-xxGBxxFemale Header0.8 x 1.2DualVerticalSMD3.25 06 to 100Contact us
2819663-92-xxGBxxFemale Header0.8 x 1.2DualRight AngleSMD3.50 06 to 100Contact us
3819650-92-xxGBxxFemale Header1.0 x 1.0DualVerticalSMD2.25 08 to 100Contact us
481963A-x1-xxGBxxFemale Header1.27 x 1.27SingleVerticalPTH2.00 06 to 100Contact us
5819630-x2-xxGBxxFemale Header1.27 x 1.27DualVerticalPTH2.15 06 to 100Contact us
6819632-92-xxGBxxFemale Header1.27 x 1.27DualVerticalSMD2.30 06 to 100Contact us
7819633-x2-xxGBxxFemale Header1.27 x 1.27DualVerticalPTH3.40 06 to 100Contact us
8819635-92-xxGBxxFemale Header1.27 x 1.27DualVerticalSMD3.60 06 to 100Contact us
9819636-x2-xxGBxxFemale Header1.27 x 1.27DualVerticalPTH4.40 06 to 100Contact us
10819639-x1-xxGBxxFemale Header1.27 x 1.27SingleRight AnglePTH1.80 03 to 50Contact us
11819639-x2-xxGBxxFemale Header1.27 x 1.27DualRight AnglePTH3.10 06 to 100Contact us
12819638-91-xxGBxxFemale Header1.27 x 1.27SingleVerticalSMD4.46 03 to 50Contact us
13819638-92-xxGBxxFemale Header1.27 x 1.27DualVerticalSMD4.45 06 to 100Contact us
14819640-x1-xxGBxxFemale Header1.27 x 2.54SingleVerticalPTH4.60 03 to 50Contact us
15819640-x2-xxGBxxFemale Header1.27 x 2.54DualVerticalPTH4.60 06 to 100Contact us
16819642-91-xxGBxxFemale Header1.27 x 2.54SingleVerticalSMD6.00 03 to 40Contact us
17819642-92-xxGBxxFemale Header1.27 x 2.54DualVerticalSMD6.00 06 to 80Contact us
18819641-x1-xxGBxxFemale Header1.27 x 2.54SingleVerticalPTH8.50 03 to 40Contact us
19819641-x2-xxGBxxFemale Header1.27 x 2.54DualVerticalPTH8.50 06 to 80Contact us
2081962T-92-xxGBxxFemale Header2.0 x 2.0DualVerticalSMD2.20 06 to 80Contact us
21819623-92-xxGBxxFemale Header2.0 x 2.0DualVerticalSMD3.00 06 to 80Contact us
22819628-92-xxGBxxFemale Header2.0 x 2.0DualVerticalPTH4.00 06 to 80Contact us
23819628-9B-xxGBxxFemale Header2.0 x 2.0DualVerticalPTH4.00 06 to 80Contact us
24819620-x1-xxGBxxFemale Header2.0 x 2.0SingleVerticalPTH4.30 03 to 40Contact us
25819620-x2-xxGBxxFemale Header2.0 x 2.0DualVerticalPTH4.30 06 to 80Contact us
26819622-x1-xxGBxxFemale Header2.0 x 2.0SingleRight AnglePTH2.80 03 to 40Contact us
27819622-x2-xxGBxxFemale Header2.0 x 2.0DualRight AnglePTH4.85 06 to 80Contact us
2881962C-x1-xxGBxxFemale Header2.0 x 2.0SingleV/T Dual EntryPTH4.30 03 to 40Contact us
2981962C-x2-xxGBxxFemale Header2.0 x 2.0DualV/T Dual EntryPTH4.30 06 to 80Contact us
30819621-91-xxGBxxFemale Header2.0 x 2.0SingleVerticalSMD4.50 03 to 40Contact us
31819621-92-xxGBxxFemale Header2.0 x 2.0DualVerticalSMD4.50 06 to 80Contact us
3281962A-x2-xxGBxxFemale Header2.0 x 2.0DualRight AnglePTH5.00 06 to 50Contact us
3381962B-x2-xxGBxxFemale Header2.0 x 2.0DualRight AngleSMD5.05 06 to 50Contact us
34819624-x1-xxGBxxFemale Header2.0 x 2.0SingleVerticalPTH6.35 02 to 40Contact us
35819624-x2-xxGBxxFemale Header2.0 x 2.0DualVerticalPTH6.35 04 to 80Contact us
36819624-x3-xxGBxxFemale Header2.0 x 2.0TripleVerticalPTH6.35 06 to 120Contact us
3781962R-x1-xxGBxxFemale Header2.0 x 2.0SingleRight AnglePTH2.00 02 to 40Contact us
3881962R-x2-xxGBxxFemale Header2.0 x 2.0DualRight AnglePTH4.00 04 to 80Contact us
3981962N-x2-xxGBxxFemale Header2.0 x 2.0DualVerticalSMD7.60 04 to 80Contact us
4081962H-x1-xxGBxxFemale Header2.0 x 2.0SingleVerticalPTH8.35 02 to 40Contact us
4181962H-x2-xxGBxxFemale Header2.0 x 2.0DualVerticalPTH8.35 04 to 80Contact us
4281962H-x3-xxGBxxFemale Header2.0 x 2.0TripleVerticalPTH8.35 06 to 120Contact us
4381961B-x1-xxGBxxFemale Header2.54 x 2.54SingleRight AnglePTH3.40 02 to 40Contact us
4481961B-x2-xxGBxxFemale Header2.54 x 2.54DualRight AnglePTH5.90 04 to 80Contact us
4581961P-91-xxGBxxFemale Header2.54 x 2.54SingleVerticalSMD3.90 02 to 40Contact us
4681961P-x2-xxGBxxFemale Header2.54 x 2.54DualVerticalPTH3.50 04 to 80Contact us
4781961G-92-xxGBxxFemale Header2.54 x 2.54DualV/T Dual EntrySMD3.65 04 to 80Contact us
4881961I-x2-xxGBxxFemale Header2.54 x 2.54DualV/T Dual EntryPTH3.50 04 to 80Contact us
4981961V-x2-xxGBxxFemale Header2.54 x 2.54DualV/T Dual EntryPTH7.10 04 to 80Contact us
50819619-x1-xxGBxxFemale Header2.54 x 2.54SingleVerticalPTH5.00 03 to 40Contact us
51819619-x2-xxGBxxFemale Header2.54 x 2.54DualVerticalPTH5.00 06 to 80Contact us
5281961R-x1-xxGBxxFemale Header2.54 x 2.54SingleRight AnglePTH2.54 02 to 40Contact us
5381961Q-x2-xxGBxxFemale Header2.54 x 2.54DualVerticalStraddle5.00 04 to 80Contact us
5481961S-91-xxGBxxFemale Header2.54 x 2.54SingleVerticalSMD5.00 02 to 40Contact us
5581961S-92-xxGBxxFemale Header2.54 x 2.54DualVerticalSMD5.25 04 to 80Contact us
5681961C-x1-xxGBxxFemale Header2.54 x 2.54SingleV/T Dual EntryPTH5.00 02 to 40Contact us
5781961C-x2-xxGBxxFemale Header2.54 x 2.54DualV/T Dual EntryPTH5.00 04 to 80Contact us
58819616-x1-xxGBxxFemale Header2.54 x 2.54SingleVerticalPTH5.70 02 to 40Contact us
59819616-x2-xxGBxxFemale Header2.54 x 2.54DualVerticalPTH5.70 04 to 80Contact us
60819617-x1-xxGBxxFemale Header2.54 x 2.54SingleRight AnglePTH2.50 02 to 40Contact us
61819617-x2-xxGBxxFemale Header2.54 x 2.54DualRight AnglePTH5.00 04 to 80Contact us
6281961A-x1-xxGBxxFemale Header2.54 x 2.54SingleVerticalPTH6.80 02 to 40Contact us
6381961A-x2-xxGBxxFemale Header2.54 x 2.54DualVerticalPTH6.80 04 to 80Contact us
64819613-x1-xxGBxxFemale Header2.54 x 2.54SingleVerticalPTH7.10 02 to 40Contact us
65819613-x2-xxGBxxFemale Header2.54 x 2.54DualVerticalPTH7.10 04 to 80Contact us
66819613-91-xxGBxxFemale Header2.54 x 2.54SingleVerticalSMD7.50 03 to 40Contact us
67819613-92-xxGBxxFemale Header2.54 x 2.54DualVerticalSMD7.40 06 to 80Contact us
68819610-x1-xxGBxxFemale Header2.54 x 2.54SingleVerticalPTH8.50 02 to 40Contact us
69819610-x2-xxGBxxFemale Header2.54 x 2.54DualVerticalPTH8.50 04 to 80Contact us
70819610-x3-xxGBxxFemale Header2.54 x 2.54TripleVerticalPTH8.50 06 to 120Contact us
7181961W-x1-xxGBxxFemale Header2.54 x 2.54SingleVerticalPTH8.50 02 to 40Contact us
7281961W-x2-xxGBxxFemale Header2.54 x 2.54DualVerticalPTH8.50 04 to 80Contact us
73819611-x1-xxGBxxFemale Header2.54 x 2.54SingleRight AnglePTH2.40 02 to 40Contact us
74819611-x2-xxGBxxFemale Header2.54 x 2.54DualRight AnglePTH5.00 04 to 80Contact us
75819611-x3-xxGBxxFemale Header2.54 x 2.54TripleRight AnglePTH7.40 06 to 120Contact us
7681961M-x2-xxGBxxFemale Header2.54 x 2.54DualVertical(w/Bump)PTH8.50 04 to 80Contact us
7781961N-x2-xxGBxxFemale Header2.54 x 2.54DualRight Angle(w/Bump)PTH8.50 04 to 80Contact us
7881961K-x2-xxGB00Female Header2.54 x 2.54DualVerticalStraddle8.50 04 to 80Contact us
7981961K-x2-xxGB10Female Header2.54 x 2.54DualVertical(w/Bump)Straddle8.50 04 to 80Contact us
8081961X-91-xxGBxxFemale Header2.54 x 2.54SingleVerticalSMD8.90 03 to 40Contact us
8181961X-92-xxGBxxFemale Header2.54 x 2.54DualVerticalSMD8.80 06 to 80Contact us
8281961H-91-xxGB61Female Header2.54 x 2.54SingleVerticalPTH11.00 02 to 40Contact us
8381961H-92-xxGB61Female Header2.54 x 2.54DualVerticalPTH11.00 04 to 80Contact us
8481961H-91-xxGB82Female Header2.54 x 2.54SingleVerticalPTH16.00 02 to 40Contact us
8581961H-92-xxGB82Female Header2.54 x 2.54DualVerticalPTH16.00 04 to 80Contact us
8681961J-x2-xxGBxxFemale Header2.54 x 2.54DualVerticalPTH (12.2mm)11.00 04 to 80Contact us
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