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Pin Through Hole

Product Series -
Pin through hole coin cell battery holders
(top entry & side entry)

Features & Benefits -
A full range of products include various battery sizes such as 1220, 1250, 2032, 2325 and 2450
High quality, high reliability

Target Market -
Industrial Motherboard, Digital Signage Player, Automation Computer, Point of Sale

Pin Through Hole

NO Part NumberMount AnglePin TypeHeight (mm)Coin Cell Battery Size DATA SHEET
17022023-021GSide EntryPTH6.61220Contact us
27022023-011GSide EntryPTH9.21250Contact us
37022025-011GSide EntryPTH8.82032Contact us
47022026-011G3Side EntryPTH7.02032Contact us
57022075A-021GSide EntryPTH8.752032Contact us
67022075B-021GSide EntryPTH8.22032Contact us
77022076A-021GSide EntryPTH8.12032Contact us
87022261-021GTop EntryPTH16.92032Contact us
97022074A-021GTop EntryPTH18.22032Contact us
107022025-021GSide EntryPTH8.82325Contact us
117022073A-021GSide EntryPTH9.52450Contact us
There's no data.