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M.2 (NGFF) Connector

Product Series -
M.2 (NGFF) PCB Mount connectors and stand-off mechanical parts

Features & Benefits -
Available for right angle-top mount type with various heights and various key position such as A, B , E, M
High quality, high reliability

Target Market -
Automation Computer, Point of Sale, Medical Equipment, Communication, Vehicle Computer, Telecommunication

M.2 (NGFF) Connector

NO Part NumberHeight (mm)Specification DATA SHEET
1906M2-042A02.15Connector A KeyData Sheet
2906M2-042B02.15Connector B KeyData Sheet
3906M2-042E02.15Connector E KeyData Sheet
4906M2-042M02.15Connector M KeyData Sheet
58038402-67G00A3T3.2Connector A KeyData Sheet
68038402-67G00B3T3.2Connector B KeyData Sheet
78038402-67G00E3T3.2Connector E KeyData Sheet
88038402-67G00M3T3.2Connector M KeyData Sheet
98038402-67G00A5T4.2Connector A KeyData Sheet
108038402-67G00B5T4.2Connector B KeyData Sheet
118038402-67G00E5T4.2Connector E KeyData Sheet
128038402-67G00M5T4.2Connector M KeyData Sheet
1385167FE-213EAAA6.7Connector E KeyData Sheet
1485167FE-213MAAA6.7Connector M KeyData Sheet
158038402-67G00A7T8.5 Connector A KeyData Sheet
168038402-67G00B7T8.5Connector B KeyData Sheet
178038402-67G00E7T8.5Connector E KeyData Sheet
188038402-67G00M7T8.5Connector M KeyData Sheet
19S001-00001-A32-R3.2Stand OffData Sheet
20S001-00001-A42-R4.2Stand OffData Sheet
21S001-00001-A67-R6.7Stand OffData Sheet
22S001-00001-A85-R8.5Stand OffData Sheet
23S001-00003ScrewData Sheet
There's no data.