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FPC/FFC 0.3mm Pitch Connectors

Product Series -
FPC / FFC 0.3mm pitch PCB mount jack

Features & Benefits -
A full range of products include positions from 13 to 71
Well-designed press locking mechanism
Low cost, Long term supply

Target Market -
Panel PC, Human Machine Interface, Handheld Scanner, Point of Sale, Automotive Computing

FPC/FFC 0.3mm Pitch Connectors

NO Part NumberPitchMount AngleContactHeightLock TypeNumber of Contacts DATA SHEET
1697-FPC03PSN-H10-xxRL0.3mmR/ALower1.0mm Press (Front)13~73Data Sheet
2697-FPC03PSSN-H10-xxRL0.3mmR/ADouble side1.0mm Press (Rear)09~71Data Sheet
3697-FPC03PSMN-H12-xxRL0.3mmR/ADouble side1.2mmPress (Rear)13~73Data Sheet
There's no data.