EXTREME FAST ~ REGO SlimSAS Cable Assemblies

Nowadays, there is a growing demand in upgrading to the data rates specified by the latest industries standards for high-speed data transfer, especially for telecommunications, networking and data center. Our SlimSAS Cable Assemblies not only meet SAS3, SAS4 and PCIe4 standards, but also deliver cutting-edge data rates to meet marketplace demands and easy implementation by pluggable module design.

Furthermore, as capability demands on data centers increase, space constraints in trays and panels is also serious consideration & concern by designers. Therefore, SlimSAS Cable Assembly could bring both of a small footprint and increased port density for space saving in trays and panels.

Features & Benefits
- Excellent SI performance (SAS 4.0/ PCIe Gen 4)
- Flexible cable routing (Discrete/ Ribbon)
- Multiple channels as options (4X/ 6X/ 8X/ 12X)
- Optional plug orientation (straight/ Right angle/ Side Exit)
- 250 mating cycles
- RoHS

Market & Application
-Servers and storage devices
-Networking equipment
-High performance Computing