CFexpress Card Connectors & Card kits

We are very proud to introduce our CFexpress host connectors and card kits. CFexpress is a next generation memory card based on the proven and popular PCIE® interface, and the highly efficient NVM Express® stack, for applications requiring high throughput and low latency in a small enclosed form factor.
Key features:

• Size: 38.5 mm × 29.8 mm × 3.8 mm (same as XQD®); provide smaller enclosed package compared to other popular SSD form factors, with already established connectors (XQD®) market
• Interface: PCIE® Gen3, up to 2 lanes (2GB/sec)
• Stack: NVM EXPRESS® 1.2, allows parallel access and reduced I/O overhead
• Durability: media is tested for 12,000 insertion / extraction cycles to provide reliable solution for removable and serviceable applications

Rego offers CFexpress host connectors and card kits applying to Digital Still Camera, Consumer Products, Personal Computers, Servers, Industrial Based Computers. We accept orders from small batches to big quantities, please come and visit us here at for more information or contact us directly then get a response in 24 hours!