Rego's Thermal Flow Test Service

Rego engages in solving thermal issues with customers on their machines.
1: Investigating customer's operation methods, test conditions and criteria
2: Test and measure it
3: Add on some thermal solutions and re-test it
4: Find out an optima thermal solution

Thermal Flow Test Case Study
-Application : POS Pad
-Testing apparatus : Thermal Resistance Measurement Apparatus
-Natural convection
-Test : Customer's test program
-Operating Temperature: 30°C。

Test Result :
-Customer's original Design : Ta=30℃ CPU Tj=102.9℃
-Rego's improved Design (with Heat Spread Module) Ta=30℃ CPU Tj=89℃

Testing Apparatus : Thermal Resistance Measurement Apparatus & Chamber
1. Modified ASTM D 5470 standard
2. Excellent reproducibility and repeat ability
3. Thermal resistance under different loading and temperature
4. Measuring heating power Qh and Tc temperature
5. Automatic software controls designated testing conditions.
6. Automatic data acquisition by PC, and results is output and plotted as Excel files.

1. Internal dimension: 86 (W) × 86 (D) × 116 (H) cm
2. Ture natural convection
3. TDP test range : ~ 180 watts
4. Operating temperature:room temperature ~ 70°C。
5. Applicable for thermal design and qulaity test of heat sink, thermal module, personal computer, server & other electronic devices.