Rego's CNC Machining Capability

Rego takes pride in its ability to serve its customers with precision machining. The production line is fully integrated and capable of manufacturing just about any types of precision machined part.

CNC Integration service :
Integrate parts from different services (such as die casting, forging , anodization and grinding ) at one location.

Assembly service :
Manufacture and assemble different components to simplify logistics.

Design service :
Assist customers to optimize their designs for CNC process.

Prototype service :
Provide rapid prototype for quick design review.

-CNC milling : 3 axis / 4 axis / 5 axis
Max travel :59” x 34” x 29.5” (XYZ)

-Sliding Head Universal Lathe
13 axes (X1,X2,X3,Y1,Y2,Y3,Z1,Z2,Z3,B,C1,C2, T1)
32 m/min rapid feed
Max. 60 tools

-Fixed Head Universal Lathe
Swing diameter, max. 27.6"
Turning diameter, max. 16.1"
Distance between the spindle and the tail stock (without feed) 26.6"
Max. work piece length with a tailstock (can be machined) 21.7"
Distance from the main spindle to the counter spindle (without feed) 28.3"
Max. work piece length on the counter spindle (can be machined) 19.7"

Application example:
• Bicycle parts
• Optical parts
• Telecommunication parts
• Electronic parts
• Medical parts
• Automobile parts

Quality Assurance:
• Projector,
• Surface roughness gauge,
• Thread middle diameter Micrometer,
• Cutter setting gauge,
• Hardness tester,