USB3.0 + Detect Pin Connector

USB3.0 + Detect Pin Connector can be used on many applications. If your machine or computer has USB3.0 + Detect Pin Connector, you can detect an USB device (periphery) plug in and then you can perform the featured functionality of your own design.

REGO’s detect pin design is like a switch, it is originally design for Power Share. When your USB3.0 is added detect pin, you can charge a USB device no matter your NB is in sleep mode or not (on / off). For users, waiting time of start-up is not necessary anymore. There is no need for NB’s battery standby all the time. Under the status of detect pin keeps normal open, it does not waste any power, the endurance of the battery is not affected. The battery of NB can be driven for a long time.

How Does Detect Pin Operate-
After USB Plug Inserted, as detect pin contacts with the shell of the plug , GND signal will flow to Detect pin (close)

Advantages :
(1) A simply useful function like a switch, easy to design an electric circuit for power share or other uses.
(2) Space saving and more quickly power share than IC solution.
(3) Battery power is not consumed by the normally open status. No effect to the endurance of the battery.
(4) Power share features is a positive and convenient function that enhances consumers’ confidence and purchasing will .