REGO CPU Cooler for AMD FP3 Processor in Industrial Computer Applications

Recently we have been working with many of our valued customers and have completed the qualification test of the CPU cooler for AMD FP3 processor in many computer industrial applications. Please refer to below information.

- AMD FP3 Processor
The FP3 processor comes in a dual-core and quad-core BGA lidless package on a 28-nm process. The FP3 package nominally measures 32 mm by 29 mm. The nominal height, for an installed part, is 1.91 mm from the motherboard surface to the top of the processor.
The TDP is 35watts and the T(die)max is 100 deg C.

- Rego Cooler Specification
RG1100B-EAL-EF5173-26.5 ( Three positions connector )
RG1100B-EAL-EF5174-26.5 ( Four positions connector – PWM Control )
Outline Dimension : 60 x 60 x 28mm
Heat Sink : Extruded AL6063, ø60 x 17.6mm
Fan : 50 x 50 x 10 mm, dual ball bearing
Connector Type : 3 way / 4 way (PWM Control)
Thermal Resistance : 0.77 ℃/W

Rego has a strong technical thermal team and equipment to precisely design and test the performance. We have confidence that we can offer a proper service to you. We position ourselves from where you are at and we believe the integration of this new technology installed should benefit our customers greatly. Please let us know what you need and we will work together with you!