USB Combo Plug - New Product Announcement

USB Combo Plug(UCP) is an USB plug connector integrated with a standard USB A type plug and a micro USB B type plug. There are several types available for your design selection such as adapters, hinge type and fixed type connectors. These UCP connectors are used on applications of USB flash drives & cable assemblies. Unlike standard USB A plug or Micro USB B plug can only connect to its socket separately, UCP connector links either standard USB A socket or micro USB B socket to desktop, notebook and mobile phone.

USB flash drives with UCP connector allow you connect Standard USB A type socket to desktop, notebook or connect to micro USB B type socket on your mobile phone directly. On The Go function enables your mobile phone and handheld devices for instant data access. And, Cable assemblies with UCP allow connections between phone to phone and phone to notebook/ desktop.

We offer the following UCP connectors for multiple applications.

● UCP connectors for Cable Assemblies
Both fixed type and hinge type are available for soldering with cable assemblies.

● UCP Adapter for USB Flash Drives
This is an accessory which you can simply insert straight onto your standard USB and it turns to a micro USB B type USB for instant data transmission.

● UCP COB ( Chip on Board ) type connectors for USB Flash Drives
UCP COB type connectors are designed to be soldered on the PCB of USB Flash Drives with surface mount technology. Both hinge type and fixed type are available.

● UCP UDP ( USB Disk in Package) type connectors for USB Flash Drives
UCP UDP type connectors are designed to be assembled with UDP of USB Flash Drives.
There are four different UCP UDP type connectors available,
- 15mm + USB2.0
- 15mm + USB3.0
- 24.8mm + USB2.0
- 24.8mm + USB3.0

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