SolidWorks Flow Simulation Available!!!

With years of experience in the IPC (Industrial Personal Computer) industry, we know what you need and we are always preparing ourselves to reach you with better tools. In order to provide a more delicate service to our valuable customers, we have taken many steps to enhance our capability. We not only included a CPU Cooler Thermal Resistance Measurement Facility to precisely measure the cooler's performance, but we are also introducing the SolidWorks Flow Simulation. The SolidWorks simulation is a solid modeling CAD (computer-aided design) software that runs on a PC. It offers electronic virtual models and an extensive material library for cooling simulation.

As we know heat transfer is critical to the success of your design. With SolidWorks Flow Simulation which is embedded with 3D CAD, you have been enabled to simulate flow in real world conditions. It can efficiently analyze the effects of heat transfer and allow you to compare design variations and to make better decisions. This should ensure your product performance and safety. It not only reduces the need of costly prototypes also eliminates rework/ delays and saves time and development costs.

Electronic thermal management analysis enables design to easily investigate the impact of cooling and design changes. At Rego, we offer the following simulation,
-Cooler Simulation
-Heat Sink Simulation
-Integrated Heat Pipe Assembly Simulation
-Liquid Cooling Simulation

Rego has a strong technical thermal team and equipment to precisely measure the performance. We have confidence that we can offer a proper service to you. We position ourselves from where you are at and we believe the integration of this new technology installed should benefit our customers greatly. Please let us know what you need and we will work together with you!